Cain & Abel

Cain and Abel is your all-in-one hacking suit for collecting


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  • Category General
  • Program license Free
  • Version 4.9.41
  • Size 7.98 MB
  • Works under: Windows 2000
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Oxid

Cain and Abel is your all-in-one hacking suit for collecting network data and cracking passwords. Useful for whitehat security auditing or blackhat hacking, Cain and Abel is far more comprehensive than your typical brute-force password cracker, allowing you to execute a host of different traffic sniffing and manipulation techniques, cracking methods, and recover numerous different encryption algorithms.

Connect your computer to the network you want to security test and collect network traffic through passive sniffing (promiscuous mode) or using the advanced ARP poisoning option to execute MitM attacks in only a few clicks. The network list will populate itself with the IPs and hostnames of every computer on your subnet, and you can easily set up ARP routing between any two computers your wish. You can even choose which ports and protocols to intercept and which to forward, isolate computers from the network, and intercept encrypted data and authentications. These advanced techniques have never been easier to execute than with Cain and Abel's simple GUI. East-to-read logs and tabs make it easy for you to manage the vast amount of data which this program is able to collect.

Once you have collected your encrypted data either from network sniffing, manual hash insertion, Ettercap file upload, or local pwdump and cachedump (all options are supported), you can begin cracking your passwords using Cain and Abel's advanced tools. Regarding algorithm support, Cain and Abel comes equipped with all the mainstays of a typical password cracker (NTLM, LM, MD4, MD5, etc) but also includes many advanced algorithms such as Kerberos 5 and MSCACHE.

There are a host of different cracking modes available, including dictionary attack, brute force attack with preconfigured or custom character sets, and even time-memory-tradeoff techniques. You can pause, resume, and save the progress off any attack method and target one or several different hashes at once. A built-in version of Winrtgen allows you to generate rainbow tables for TmT recovery methods, and the program comes with several powerful dictionaries built in.

No matter what level of hacker you are, Cain and Abel is a must have tool for any penetration tester, black hat, or grey hat hacker. Its easy-to-use interface makes even the most advanced hacking methods simple and makes password recovery a snap even for script kiddies.


  • Supports advanced network sniffing and ARP poison routing.
  • Provides your data in easy-to-read tabs and tables.
  • Provides a list of all computers on your subnet.
  • Supports a host of different cracking algorithms (e.g. LM, NTLM, MD4, MD5, Kerb 5, MSCACHE).
  • Supports numerous cracking methods (e.g. dictionary, brute force attack, time-memory-tradeoff).
  • Built-in version of Winrtgen allows for generating custom TmT tables on your own computer.


  • Discontinued and no longer supported.
  • Does not natively support multithreading/ multicore capabilities.
  • Does not allow for executing multiple attack protocols at once.
  • Some cracking protocols (e.g. Kerberos 5) are not as efficiently programmed as possible.
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